‘Hardball’ documentary showcases baseball’s women athletes – Outsports

A new baseball documentary focuses on the past, present and future of women playing the national pastime.
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“Men and women, boys and girls, can all play baseball at any time. There are no plays or formations or sets to learn. Any kid can play baseball, practice hard and become an all-star…” | Letters to the editor | Local Editorials and Opinion | tucson.com

America’s best sport
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Kim Parker Named 2019 Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year | Ballpark Digest

Burlington Bees General Manager Kim Parker has won the 43rd Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year Award, with Minor League Baseball announcing the honor.
— Read on ballparkdigest.com/2019/10/29/kim-parker-named-2019-rawlings-woman-executive-of-the-year/

Murray Chass criticized baseball analytics. His grandson, Zach Kram, relies on them. – The Washington Post

Zach Kram, 25, writes for the website The Ringer, often covering baseball in a style similar to the one derided by his grandfather, Hall of Fame writer Murray Chass.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/26/family-baseball-writers-war/

Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman hasn’t watched the World Series because of the Astros’ lies – Hartford Courant

Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman is so disgusted by the behavior of the Astros’ front office over the last week that she hasn’t “watched one second of this World Series.”
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Baseball Has a Credibility Problem With Women – Viva El Birdos

Baseball Has a Credibility Problem With Women – Viva El Birdos


Historic Basketball League offers pay AND college education – Los Angeles Times

Historic Basketball League wants to offer salaries to top national and international prep players while setting them up with a clear path to higher education.
— Read on www.latimes.com/sports/story/2019-10-26/historical-basketball-league-prep-athletes-pay-salary-hbcu-college-education-ncaa

Curveball | Barry Zito

Curveball | Barry Zito
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Astros GM Jeff Luhnow won’t commit to retracting Sports Illustrated statement – The Washington Post

Commissioner Rob Manfred said MLB is still looking into the incident and its aftermath.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/25/astros-general-manager-wont-commit-retracting-statement-regarding-sports-illustrated-report/

Mike White: Rule needs to be changed when girls play golf against boys | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

[The narrative is similar to Baseball and Softball discussions. Also, when girls are a year more mature; when a 12 year old all girl baseball team plays against an all boys team of same age in tournament, a similar narrative may be dispatched.]

Girls are allowed to play tees closer to the hole when they compete in WPIAL and PIAA boys tournaments and matches.
— Read on www.post-gazette.com/sports/highschool/2019/10/24/Mike-White-PIAA-WPIAL-golf-rules-girls-boys-womens-tees-Remmey-Lohr/stories/201910230020

L.A. Monarchs girls’ baseball club set to hold free local camp in Temecula this November | Valley News

L.A. Monarchs girls’ baseball club set to hold free local camp in Temecula this November | Valley News
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Astros GM discusses dismissal of Taubman – MLB.com

Scroll down to reach the specific section then “keep reading”:

Astros GM discusses dismissal of Taubman
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Australia One-Step Closer To A Professional Women’s Baseball League – Ministry of Sport

Australia One-Step Closer To A Professional Women’s Baseball League – Ministry of Sport
— Read on ministryofsport.com.au/australia-one-step-closer-to-a-professional-womens-baseball-league/

MLB commissioner ‘tremendously concerned’ over outburst from Astros exec, Cornell alum – syracuse.com

MLB commissioner ‘tremendously concerned’ over outburst from Astros exec, Cornell alum – syracuse.com
— Read on www.syracuse.com/sports/2019/10/mlb-commissioner-tremendously-concerned-over-outburst-from-astros-exec-cornell-alum.html

AMLO, the World Series-watching president, wants to Make Mexican Baseball Great Again – The Washington Post

López Obrador is entertaining the country with game recaps — and spending millions of dollars in hopes of restoring Mexican baseball to its glorious past.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/amlo-the-world-series-watching-president-wants-to-make-mexican-baseball-great-again/2019/10/24/ccb752aa-f5c0-11e9-b2d2-1f37c9d82dbb_story.html

Brandon Taubman fired by Astros in wake of incident with female reporters – The Washington Post

The incident, detailed in a Sports Illustrated report, involved comments the assistant general manager made about Astros closer Roberto Osuna, who had been acquired by the team after being arrested on domestic violence charges.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/24/brandon-taubman-fired-by-astros-wake-incident-with-female-reporters/

Girls Baseball Games & Opportunities | Baseball For All

BFA x Miami Marlins 
Marlins Park, Sunday, October 27, 2019. 9-12pm
Email BFA to Register

We’re excited to partner with the Miami Marlins Youth Baseball and Softball Program to give girls, ages 10–12, a unique, one-day opportunity to play at Marlins Park. Players will get to step out and play at this Major League ballpark,
receive coaching from professional coaches and hear from speakers like Team USA Manager, Veronica Alvarez and Baseball For All founder, Justine Siegal. Space is extremely limited. Lunch is provided. 

Host: Baseball For All
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It is all about getting entire families into the MLB stadium seats…

Almost 20 years ago, the commissioner of baseball had an insight sharing it publicly: if we focus on a girl’s interest in baseball families may be more inclined to attend as an entire family a MLB game.

The strategy then was to invest in softball as the engagement vehicle. It no doubt had traction, considering Women’s Softball – not Women’s Baseball – will be featured in the next International Olympics in Japan next year.

Recent media releases, including a report on HBO, highlight a girl’s determination to play baseball, focusing on the irrational drive to prevent girls and women from play.

Yet, MLB, through its USA Baseball wing, truly supports women play at the international level.

Every effort is now being made to include girls and women in the dialog, the narrative.

A Chevrolet commercial airing during the 2019 World Series includes (at least) a single girl player.

Daily, the guidance through global media, as linked on this blog site provides, is clear:

Girls and women continue to rise in participation efforts and opportunities.

We can debate whether or not women can grit it out into a successful silo in professional baseball at the MLB level; whether girls should have equal access to otherwise mostly if not entirely boys’ teams in an equitable and fully distributed – imposed – manner; girls should have their own independent leagues across the board to play on same-gender teams, competing with both conventional baseball and softball for limited field access and time; girls should have the option of choosing between baseball and softball at all levels, while depleting the ranks of the Softball Industrial Complex…

The bottom line for today’s post:

If the news of these days is about Kate Upton highlighting the daughter of Justin Verlander as the female moment this week in coverage of the MLB World Series; the Houston Astros hire an accused domestic violence offender while on a 75 game suspension as the League’s internal penalty for the charge; the Astros’s Assistant General Manager allegedly seemingly intentionally disrespects three official, professional women members of the free press by enthusiastically presenting the position of The Astros in hiring the accused domestic abuse offender; and all Justin Verlander has to say when asked about what he thinks about the public relations nightmare for MLB and The Astros that it ‘doesn’t affect us in here’:

Houston, we have a problem…

Carmen Junno: Women athletes should get more love in Gazette

I opened a recent Monday’s Gazette to the sports section, wanting to read about the amazing sports events of this weekend, when three young female athletes made history. Simone Biles became the most decorated gymnast of all time. The Gazette sports…
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The Johnson City Press on a proposal to eliminate the Appalachian Baseball League|Charlotte Observer

The Appalachian League might be a thing of the past if a proposal made by Major League Baseball passes. MLB wants to reorganize the minor leagues and the plan reportedly includes eliminating the two Advanced Rookie leagues, the Appalachian League and the Pioneer League.
— Read on www.charlotteobserver.com/news/article236563718.html

Astros executive apologizes, MLB to conduct interviews | The Sacramento Bee

Houston Astros assistant GM Brandon Taubman has apologized for using “inappropriate language” after a Sports Illustrated report said he repeatedly yelled toward a group of female reporters about closer Roberto Osuna during a clubhouse celebration.
— Read on www.sacbee.com/sports/mlb/article236536428.html

The Astros keep screwing up Brandon Taubman incident

For sure, the Astros have some serious catching up to do. Until they do, they’re hurting everyone in their orbit.
— Read on nypost.com/2019/10/23/the-astros-are-really-screwing-this-up/

» Women in a league of their own

» Women in a league of their own
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Canberra Cavalry to join inaugural women’s baseball comp | The Canberra Times

The Cavalry will join Canberra’s growing women’s sport market after being granted a licence to play.
— Read on www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6456202/canberra-cavalry-to-join-inaugural-womens-baseball-comp/

Oscar winner Geena Davis and a woman with an amazing life story come to Dallas to woo girls to STEM

The audience included Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis and former first lady Laura Bush. And they along with a crowd of 300 sat spellbound as Dr. Rae Wynn-G…
— Read on www.dallasnews.com/arts-entertainment/pop-culture/2019/10/24/oscar-winner-geena-davis-and-a-woman-with-an-amazing-life-story-come-to-dallas-to-woo-girls-to-stem/

Baseball Australia to launch world’s second dedicated national women’s league – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Baseball Australia to launch world’s second dedicated national women’s league – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
— Read on mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-24/baseball-australia-to-launch-national-womens-competition/11637510

Fort Wayne Portillo’s location still hiring, gives ABC21 opening date – WPTA

Construction started about 10 weeks ago, and training for all of the new crew members starts Nov. 4. A little more than a month later? Portillo’s plans to open its doors to the hungry public on Dec. 5.
— Read on wpta21.com/news/top-stories/2019/10/22/fort-wayne-portillos-location-still-hiring-gives-abc21-opening-date/

Giants are linked to Gabe Kapler in manager search. That’s a problem – SFChronicle.com

The San Francisco Giants are considering Gabe Kapler, former Phillies manager and Dodgers farm director, in their search for a manager. How Kapler has handled allegations of assault by his players should exclude him as a candidate.
— Read on www.sfchronicle.com/giants/annkillion/article/Giants-are-linked-to-Gabe-Kapler-in-manager-14554553.php

Houston Astros denied exec taunted women reporters. Hours later, the exec apologizes – CNN

The Houston Astros’ front office ought to be talking about World Series preparations after a thrilling win brought them the American League crown. Instead, the team is dealing with one of its executives verbally accosting women journalists.
— Read on edition-m.cnn.com/2019/10/22/sport/houston-astros-women-reporters-brandon-taubman-roberto-osuna/index.html

As World Series starts, Nationals need to do better for LGBTQ fans

Inclusion and welcome are not things that are only practiced on Pride Night.
— Read on www.washingtonblade.com/2019/10/22/as-world-series-starts-nationals-need-to-do-better-for-lgbtq-fans/

San Diego Community News Group – Mia Michaels LJCDS hopes to be the first female baseball manager

Mia Michaels: LJCDS hopes to be the first female baseball manager – Mia Michaels isn t setting her sights low. She is shooting for the top. I want to be the first female Major League Baseball manager the senior at La Jolla Country Day School says….
— Read on www.sdnews.com/view/full_story/27668853/article-Mia-Michaels–LJCDS-hopes-to-be-the-first-female-baseball-manager

After Sports Illustrated story on Astros’ Brandon Taubman, team and MLB react – The Washington Post

“We don’t want this to be the story,” Sports Illustrated reporter Stephanie Apstein said. “But I wrote it because it’s not right and it’s true and that’s our obligation to say things that are true and then peel back the curtain on attitudes that I think are pervasive in the game.”
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/22/astros-respond-sports-illustrated-report-alleging-executives-clubhouse-blowup/

Nike’s Chief Executive, Mark Parker, Is Stepping Down – The New York Times

Mr. Parker, who was involved in multiple controversies in recent years, will become executive chairman of the sportswear company.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2019/10/22/business/nike-ceo-mark-parker.html

A doctoral student wore a skirt made of rejection letters to defend her dissertation – The Washington Post

She was literally wearing her failures, and it was cathartic.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2019/10/22/doctoral-student-wore-skirt-made-rejection-letters-defend-her-dissertation/

Plus-size Halloween costumes for women are hard to find – Vox

Mainstream retailers like Target and Party City only offer extremely limited options.
— Read on www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/10/21/20917877/halloween-costume-plus-size-women-market

A game of their own: Residents celebrate the 100th anniversary of Horlick Field | Local News | journaltimes.com

RACINE — Sister Toni Palermo, nearing age 90, knows baseball and is herself, with her name in the Baseball Hall of Fame, history.
— Read on journaltimes.com/content/tncms/live/

Astros Staffer’s Outburst Illustrates MLB’s Attitude Toward Domestic Violence – Sports Illustrated

After the Astros clinched the AL pennant, a staffer looked at female reporters and shouted “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f—— glad we got Osuna!”
— Read on www.si.com/

Angela Lee Duckworth – about Grit


Dave Chang podcast

Dave celebrates Jeremy Fox’s new Santa Monica restaurant Birdie G’s (0:37) before sitting down with Angela Duckworth, psychologist and author of ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,’ on the complexities behind the personality trait of grit (3:08).


TED Speaker

At the University of Pennsylvania, Angela Lee Duckworth studies intangible concepts such as self-control and grit to determine how they might predict both academic and professional success.
— Read on www.ted.com/speakers/angela_lee_duckworth

How Popular Is Baseball, Really? – The New York Times

Despite a perceived decline, Major League Baseball, when viewed through the lens of ticket sales and television ratings, is not only popular, but primed for growth.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/22/sports/baseball/baseball-popularity-world-series.html

For love of the game | The Globe

For love of the game | The Globe
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This Lyndhurst NJ catcher is heading to the World Series

Alexia Jorge, a rising star, is heading to Game Four, where she will stand with her peers on the U.S.A.\u00a0Baseball Women’s National Team.
— Read on www.northjersey.com/story/sports/2019/10/22/lyndhurst-nj-catcher-heading-world-series/3986209002/

Hall of fame to induct 3 Daisies | Sports | The Journal Gazette

Three members of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s Fort Wayne Daisies – sisters Joanne, Betty and Jean Weaver – were s …
— Read on www.journalgazette.net/sports/20191022/hall-of-fame-to-induct-3-daisies

How four friends from college hatched a plan over breakfast to help L.A. youth

How four friends from college hatched a plan over breakfast to help L.A. youth


Parents Should Limit Sports Participation for Children, Trainers Say – The New York Times

Young athletes are practicing too hard in just one sport, increasing the risk of injuries and burnout. New guidelines urge parents to reduce the intensity.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/health/children-sports-injuries.html

Astronauts on historic all-woman spacewalk forced to pause to politely correct president’s error.

Finally, two can be moon queens.
— Read on slate.com/technology/2019/10/finally-two-can-be-moon-queens.html

Nancy Pelosi photos with Trump: The point, the red coat and the clap – The Washington Post

The pointed finger. That red coat. These images of Pelosi with Trump are resonating for a few reasons.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/10/17/images-pelosi-trump-that-cemented-her-symbol-woman-command/

Photos: NASA’s all-female spacewalk makes history – The Washington Post

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir worked outside the International Space Station just months after NASA had to cancel an all-female spacewalk because of a spacesuit-sizing problem.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/photos-nasas-all-female-spacewalk-makes-history/2019/10/18/cb01dc38-f1a5-11e9-89eb-ec56cd414732_gallery.html

Does extra rest hurt World Series teams? The record is mixed. – The Washington Post

Recent history offers grist for Washington Nationals supporters worried about this six-day layoff.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/18/is-too-much-rest-before-world-series-bad-thing-nationals-are-about-find-out/

Baseball Federation delegation calls on Punjab Governor | Associated Press Of Pakistan

Baseball Federation delegation calls on Punjab Governor | Associated Press Of Pakistan
— Read on www.app.com.pk/baseball-federation-delegation-calls-on-punjab-governor/

Female baseball stars article generates big follow-ups

CaliSports News’ recent article featuring female Little League baseball stars generated big follow-ups. Now, CSN shall present those stories.
— Read on www.calisportsnews.com/big-follow-ups-to-female-baseball-stars-story/