Wildcats’ Andrews puts on power display – Sports – The Examiner of East Jackson County – Independence, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Sugar Creek and Lee’s Summit, MO

Even at a young age, Blue Springs senior Bella Andrews wasn’t one who would back down from a challenge.When she was in elementary and middle school, Andrews was one of the few girls playing with and against boys in sports. She started playing baseball at age 7 and was forced to switch to softball at 14 since competitive teams would no longer let girls play, she said.She wanted to compete against boys from the beginning as many of her best friends were males growing up. Andrews
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On the Basis of Sex – “Jon Frankel uncovers why America’s favorite pastime is the one sport, other than football, that we ask girls to forgo in order to play something different…” Watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Episode 270 Online: September 2019 | HBO

On the Basis of Sex
Jon Frankel uncovers why America’s favorite pastime is the one sport, other than football, that we ask girls to forgo in order to play something different.
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Three-day baseball tournament begins today

Three-day baseball tournament begins today
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Inside Texas sandlot baseball | MLB.com

The Official Site of Major League Baseball
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One of the highest-ranking women in MLB, Caroline O’Connor emerges as influential voice for Marlins – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

One of the highest-ranking women in MLB, Caroline O’Connor has emerged as an influential voice for the Miami Marlins. The team’s chief operating officer, O’Connor is one of CEO Derek Jeter’s most trusted confidantes.
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Sonoma County filmmaker follows members of US Women’s National Baseball team in new documentary

“Hardball,” a documentary by a Sonoma County filmmaker celebrating women baseball players, screens in San Francisco.
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What USA Baseball Women do when not Playing or Training

Only one player’s off field bio was recognized in the new release Hardball: Tamara Holmes.

Men who play baseball regularly if not professional have jobs and careers. Granted, they do not tend to wear their off field lives around their neck.

Recently, a delivery service sent a man wearing a t-shirt referencing a local baseball tournament.

He shared with me the three different leagues he participated in including two baseball and one softball.

His enthusiasm for life was so powerful.

I have read over the past 15 years about girls and women in baseball who excel academically and athletically in multiple sports.

Some are rewarded for their work in very complex professions.

Many women in our society today are earning high level degrees in all fields and making strides towards the top rewards accordingly.

If women prefer to perform at the highest levels in baseball: why is there no professional avenue if not only to subsidize their training and playing schedules not like the pay scale in men’s baseball. My understanding is that a professional baseball minor league contract while not enough to maintain an entirely private life, with other accommodations such as travel and housing provided it can allows player to not have to maintain a separate job and therefore sustain training and performance levels to validate a professional grade experience for a paying audience.

Also, it would be the gateway for women to transition from college level softball and into a similarly rigorous training mode as they develop their baseball-specific skills.

In the USA, I would hazard a guess the entire budget for a women’s minor league development program would be a rounding error within the entitle MLB budget:

a natural progression from USA Baseball’s current programming also funded by MLB Baseball.

When money is involved…

… then, all involved take the sport seriously.

The unique cause of girls and women’s baseball requires funding at each level of the structure.

As a parent of a former boy and girl baseball player, I became intimately familiar with all costs associated particularly in travel ball.

As multi sport athletes this included durations remote from home spending on all travel related costs.

Local feed for Rec and Park and Little League while not extreme they all add up.

A not so irrelevant tangent are the costs of shuttling around your kids; taking time from work and career; the toll on same team parents coordinating and relying on one another for the services and costs.

Not the main point of this post but you get my meaning.

Recent changes to national sports betting laws will have a dramatic impact on all sports. Why not girls and women’s baseball? What a keen revenue generator it could become.

Many corporations, from startup to divisions of the top Entertsinment enterprises in the world provide the eyeballs for mega advertising and tracking of fans throughout their daily web journey including unrelated geeks thanks to cookies and other mechanisms.

No doubt the various leading web sites which advance the cause use various tools to put your interests front and center then through mechanisms like Google Ad Words, Facebook’s own ad revenue generator; Instagram’s; WhatsApp: you get the point.

It is a question of who is funding whom.

Baseball for All has a few upcoming tournaments which look terrific. Their costs to players and families are transparent.

What about MLB’s youth and woman programs: who subsidized them?

Now comes the challenging and possibly awkward list of issues:

If a city provides field space for local youth sports programs how will girls and women’s be served in baseball?

We hear of the nightmare tales of coaches and league representatives denying girls access to baseball. It is illegal to begin with and clearly no checks and balances at the local level to guarantee access equally.

If city taxes and registration fees are uniform and represent access for all citizens why are fields not equally provided including options for girls and women to play baseball?

Issues arise when parochial institutions who organize youth team sports will bar girls from playing with boys for purely arbitrary, philosophical, doctrinaire reason.

No longer one should challenge their right to this behavior considering separation of church and state in the USA, specifically. They must have a valid reason for enforcing these programmatic rules.

Only, when they use public lands, that is where we should get into problems. It should we?

The matter has been particularly cut and dry when federal dollars fund the specific public access facility in use.

In a recent incident, a rather interesting permutation became apparent:

US Army land was leased to a local youth baseball entity for public access. There were no accommodations for softball.

Allegedly the same youth baseball organization attempted to thwart the accommodation for softball by launching a girls baseball division: to preserve control over the field access for their own capacity needs.

However, they had to tangle with a lawyer who represented the softball interests who was also the father of a girl he hoped had the opportunity to earn college scholarship dollars same as the boys’ parents in future bids for college Basball opportunities.

Ultimately, all benefited as more fields were built for the two functions: ever notice you younger baseball diamond are about if not the same as softball fields in dimensions…?

To be continued…

Baldwin County deputy wins softball world championship | 13wmaz.com

Meagan Pearson’s work on the diamond pays off every time she climbs into her Baldwin County cruiser.
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Portillo’s plans to hire more than 100 employees for new Fort Wayne restaurant – WPTA

Plans are in place for the fast-casual restaurant Portillos to bring more than 100 jobs to Fort Wayne along with a food truck.
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MLB Diversity Fellowship Aims To Embrace Acceptance In Baseball

Launched in 2017, the MLB Diversity Fellowship places its fellows in entry-level roles within its clubs or league office.
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From 500, League Of Their Own Down To 23 As Roster Thins, Famed ‘Girls’ Share Memories With CCS Student-Athletes | AllOTSEGO.com

From 500, League Of Their Own Down To 23 As Roster Thins, Famed ‘Girls’ Share Memories With CCS Student-Athletes | AllOTSEGO.com
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DCGB-BFA Tournament Fall 2019 – DC Girls Baseball


DC Girls Baseball and Baseball for All are thrilled to announce the launch

of a new girls baseball tournament in Ellicott City, MD this fall.

When:  October 5-6, 2019

Where:  Kiwanis-Wallas Park, 3300 Norbert’s Way, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Divisions:  11U, 13U, 18U 

  • Tournament age = as of 4/30/19
  • Register as a team = $1200 per team
  • 3-game guarantee

— Read on www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/NjI1NzU=

Chicago Girls Baseball Program : Baseball For All

Starts: Oct 1 ’19
Ends: Nov 5 ’19
Registration Info
Aug 12 ’19 thru Nov 6 ’19 regular
Minimum age: 9 years old
Maximum age: 18 years old
Age as of: Apr 30 ’19
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RBI Senior Girls Trip to the World Series – P&G MLB Cincinnati Reds Youth Academy

This year marked the first-ever trip to the RBI World Series for our girls program. The senior RBI team eliminated the nine-time defending champions of Cleveland RBI in the regional final to make it…
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Women’s National Team Home | USA Baseball

The USA Baseball Women’s National Team was established in 2004, when an 18-player team was chosen following open tryouts across the nation.
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Team USA Wins Gold at COPABE Pan-American Championships | USA Baseball

The USA Baseball Women’s National Team won gold at the 2019 COPABE Women’s Pan-American Championships with an 8-5 victory over Venezuela at Estadio de Beisbol Alberto Romo Chavez in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Alex Hugo (Olathe, Kan.) was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player.
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SF Bay Sox Girls Baseball Program

SF Bay Sox
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The woman behind Elizabeth Warren’s blueprint for the presidency – The Washington Post

Francis Perkins, the first woman Cabinet secretary, is a model for how to bring activism to government.
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The teenage climate activist had one question for the global leaders assembled at the United Nations: “How dare you?”
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Covering a trivia contest is fun, but also a reminder that MLB needs to diversify its fan base.
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San Jose station owner donates priceless baseball to Giants

San Jose businessman Bob Kieve got the ball autographed by future Hall of Famers including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mel Ott in 1933.
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Israel is first nation to qualify for 2020 Olympic baseball tournament – OlympicTalk

Israel will likely be the lowest-ranked team in the Olympic baseball tournament.
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Buy Hardball Film on Apple iTunes TODAY!


Is available for download and share with your family.

It is truly the most thorough essay on the matter of girls and women who prefer hardball, reaching for the top levels.

I believe I have viewed all movies produced thus far regarding girls and women who prefer or play hardball baseball.

Most have focused on the negative consequences. While this effort does provide perspective on the experience of the majority of girls and women who are unambiguously denied access playing Baseball: the joy and very positive experience of those who have persevered and succeeded to achieve the heights they deserve does come through.

25 years in the making, the modern game has evolved and does provide opportunity for girls today which have not been available since the game’s origin.

The movie is exceptionally well made: the production value; the clarity in presenting the elements to support the fundamental messages impart a very explicit objective:

Let the girls play! They will surprise you: the skeptics and naysayers.

HARDBALL: THE GIRLS OF SUMMER – World Premiere » Women Sports Film Festival

SCHEDULE: Saturday, September 28, 2019 7:00pm Brava Theater Center San Francisco, CA Proceeded by short film, Knocking Down the Fences Expected
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2019 Women Sports Film Festival – Home » Women Sports Film Festival

FESTIVAL Schedule Films Trailers ATTEND Tickets & Passes Media Venue SUPPORT Donate Sponsor Partner Volunteer ENGAGE Events Podcast News ABOUT About
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The former P-P water polo player, now 24, has turned to the analytic side of sports and now tracks performance data for the New York Yankees.
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