Women’s Baseball – The Inside Pitch: S02 E02 – Tahnee Lovering – Australia

S02 E02 – Tahnee Lovering – Australia
Women’s Baseball – The Inside Pitch

S02 E02 – Tahnee Lovering – Australia When you’ve spent 18 years at the highest level of any sport, one thing is clear, you must be one of the very best in the game. And Sydney’s Tahnee Lovering is just that. Tahnee was hooked on baseball from the age of 6 and instantly fell in love with catching. Selected to make her National Championships debut with New South Wales at 16 as a bullpen catcher, in a cinderella story, just six months later, Tahnee found herself in the green and gold of Australia, and one of the youngest players at the 2004 World Series and World Cup. Since 2004, Tahnee has amassed one of world baseball’s most stunning resumes including contesting seven World Cups for Australia, winning silver and bronze medals, being selected to the 2016 all-world team, plus a host of national titles with New South Wales. But between the list of accolades is one of the most inspirational stories of hard work and fierce determination. Tahnee discusses her start in the sport, setbacks, fightbacks, her favourite memories and just how she has spent 18 years at the top in one of the most brutal positions in all of world sport. Full disclosure, I did put her on the spot by asking her to name the best pitcher she has ever caught too…. and I fully appreciate the magnitude of the question days later after she has messaged me asking me to read a long list of names of people she didn’t say… so that’s on me, I will apologize to everyone she has ever caught too! Anyway, it was an absolute privilege to share the field with Tahnee at multiple world cups for Australia and be a part of her amazing career as a teammate and rival. And it is my honour to share her story with you today.

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