Women’s Baseball – The Inside Pitch: S02 E01 – Genevieve Beacom – Australia

S02 E01 – Genevieve Beacom – Australia
Women’s Baseball – The Inside Pitch

17-year-old Australian Genevieve Beacom made history in January 2022 as the first female pitcher for an Australian professional baseball team. Gen took to the mound in the sixth inning for the Melbourne Aces in the team’s Melbourne Challenge Series game against the Adelaide Giants. She pitched a scoreless inning without giving up a hit at Melbourne Ballpark. It wasn’t the first time however that Gen has become the first girl or woman to break a new barrier or set a new milestone in baseball with the Melbourne pitcher also boasting the honours of being the first woman to pitch in a Victorian Summer League division one game, the first girl selected to a Victorian U16 team and to play for Australia at the Cal Ripken Series. Listen to Gen’s story about this memorable night, about why she chose baseball, why she loves the sport, and what the future holds! #WomensBaseballInsidePitch #WomensBaseball #InsidePitch

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