Anika Chebrolu won top scientist for research toward potential covid-19 treatment – The Lily

She won $25,000 and America’s top young scientist prize

“…LF: It’s well-known that boys are often told they should go into science, and girls are told to go into something less difficult. So I wonder what it’s been like to navigate the science world and get such acclaim as a girl.

AC: Luckily, my family has honestly always been super supportive of my science passion. And I know there’s a lot of girls in the world who don’t get that same support or opportunity to count STEM as part of their passions or go into that as a career. So for all the girls out there who want to go into STEM, who want to go into science, just know that you’re no different than any other person. You’re special in your own way. Take on any opportunity that you see, because you never know where you’re going to end up…”

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