It is all about getting entire families into the MLB stadium seats…

Almost 20 years ago, the commissioner of baseball had an insight sharing it publicly: if we focus on a girl’s interest in baseball families may be more inclined to attend as an entire family a MLB game.

The strategy then was to invest in softball as the engagement vehicle. It no doubt had traction, considering Women’s Softball – not Women’s Baseball – will be featured in the next International Olympics in Japan next year.

Recent media releases, including a report on HBO, highlight a girl’s determination to play baseball, focusing on the irrational drive to prevent girls and women from play.

Yet, MLB, through its USA Baseball wing, truly supports women play at the international level.

Every effort is now being made to include girls and women in the dialog, the narrative.

A Chevrolet commercial airing during the 2019 World Series includes (at least) a single girl player.

Daily, the guidance through global media, as linked on this blog site provides, is clear:

Girls and women continue to rise in participation efforts and opportunities.

We can debate whether or not women can grit it out into a successful silo in professional baseball at the MLB level; whether girls should have equal access to otherwise mostly if not entirely boys’ teams in an equitable and fully distributed – imposed – manner; girls should have their own independent leagues across the board to play on same-gender teams, competing with both conventional baseball and softball for limited field access and time; girls should have the option of choosing between baseball and softball at all levels, while depleting the ranks of the Softball Industrial Complex…

The bottom line for today’s post:

If the news of these days is about Kate Upton highlighting the daughter of Justin Verlander as the female moment this week in coverage of the MLB World Series; the Houston Astros hire an accused domestic violence offender while on a 75 game suspension as the League’s internal penalty for the charge; the Astros’s Assistant General Manager allegedly seemingly intentionally disrespects three official, professional women members of the free press by enthusiastically presenting the position of The Astros in hiring the accused domestic abuse offender; and all Justin Verlander has to say when asked about what he thinks about the public relations nightmare for MLB and The Astros that it ‘doesn’t affect us in here’:

Houston, we have a problem…