Rhea Butcher’s Podcast Is For Baseball’s Overlooked Fans

Before the 2014 postseason, Rhea Butcher had barely watched baseball in the 21st century. It was the 1997 World Series that did it: Butcher was 15 when the Cleveland Indians, division champions for the third consecutive year, squandered an early Game 7 lead and lost to the Marlins in extra innings. The Fish became the first Wild Card team ever to win a World Series; Cleveland didn’t make it back to the World Series for another 19 years. Butcher turned away from the game and then left Ohio altogether for Chicago and Los Angeles, building a viable comedy and acting career. Life—an increasingly fun life—got in the way of baseball. And in 2014, after 17 years, death brought it back.

Source: Rhea Butcher’s Podcast Is For Baseball’s Overlooked Fans