Triumphant homecoming for 14-year-old casting champ Maxine McCormick

The U.S. national flycasting team returned to America late last week from the world championships in England — but 14-year-old Maxine McCormick’s feet might not have touched the ground. Maxine won two gold medals and a silver. In Europe, some called her “America’s Casting Princess.” The U.S. team, filled with flycasters from the San Francisco-Oakland Casting Club, dominated the world stage against competitors from 20 countries. The Americans won gold medals in five events, plus six other medals. Casters use rods similar to those by anglers who fly fish for trout, and then, in timed events, cast to floating rings, in this case, amid 20- and 30-knot winds with gusts to 50.

Source: Triumphant homecoming for 14-year-old casting champ Maxine McCormick