At 14, Maxine McCormick casts for world title

On a cold, foggy, wind-driven morning at the casting ponds in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, 14-year-old Maxine McCormick dropped to her knees in order to cast under the gusts and just over the water. “Wow, it’s way easier on my knees,” she told her coach, Chris Korich of the San Francisco/Oakland Casting Club. Then she added with a smile: “The knee pads are keeping me warm.” From that position, Maxine cast under the wind and hit 10 targets in a row, unmatched by other world champions at last weekend’s training event. They were casting at 30-inch rings floating on the water, at distances of from 20 to 70 feet.

Source: At 14, Maxine McCormick casts for world title