Pitch count is changing baseball — and not for the better

Note: this is not the opinion of the blog – just passing along what seems quite controversial and yet another example of the State of Baseball.

How much should Major League Baseball (MLB TM) be the sample or set the example not just suggest to young people preparing to play baseball both recreational-ly and at higher levels?

MLB is a unique construct with certain entertainment value potential. The current trend, seems to be, striking the right balance between the skill, craft and traditions of Baseball and setting the stage for a dialed-in presentation which works well for both the fans in the seats and the millions of TV and Internet viewers who are not necessarily riveted as they seem to be in momentum sports such as Hockey, Soccer and Basketball.

A bit of grumbling, on two fronts: •The most disheartening stretch of the Giants’ season came this week, when abject fear cost them two wins against Houston. Dereck Rodriguez and Madison Bumgarner were cruising through seven innings, not a single reason to call upon the bullpen, but it happened each time — and everything fell apart. To blame manager Bruce Bochy is to include him with every other manager (and general manager) in the game, all of them terrified by computer printouts. Analytical data has destroyed the complete game, behind the theory that starters lose their effectiveness after going through the lineup a couple of times.

Source: Pitch count is changing baseball — and not for the better