big girl’s baseball date – the massey spot

a pretty common question I get from other moms adding to their family is “how do I devote one on one time to each of my children“.. I think its a normal concern a parent can feel when the thought of having enough to give to a second or third or even fourth, if you’re like us. to be honest that question never was raised among Jordan and I because we started out with two. we started out splitting our time and heart and effort amongst two infants, so when we added Baker, we knew the drill.. but it wasn’t until I was close to my due date with Brady that I felt the mom stress of giving to each child what they need everyday. how was I going to do it?? kids are different. they have different needs, emotions, likes, dislikes.. thank goodness. as the three girls have gotten older I have been able to figure out what their “love languages” are- and while we spend a lot of time together as a family, its important to fill their “love cup” as best we can based on what we know satisfies their emotions. if each kid needed the same […]

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