An email response to a teenage girl and her family who wants to play baseball – living within driving distance to Pawtucket, RI…

The Slaterettes in Pawtucket are the longest standing all girl baseball organization in the country, the world: with tireless community support; 40 years of multiple generations of players.

The Chicago Pioneers while not ready for you yet can also become a goal: a tournament level team which recruits from around the country.
The thing about girls playing baseball is simple:
You have every right to play with boys in your community however:
The ability to get playing time is key to developing skills.
Coaches really do not care if a solid player is a boy or girl: all they want is a team player who contributes to the bottom line.
That said it is hard to see this when you get started, because most boys have the advantage of filling the ranks of teams and in leagues since they were 5 in t-ball and 7 in coach pitch.
However, if an athletic player who has drive and ability shows up, who has been playing catch with a parent or sibling; has strong athletic ability in any sport; has Fast Twitch muscle DNA; listens well; takes the information and uses it better than the majority of the players – or leads by example; has a good mind, one which is strategic; has instincts on the field making minor adjustments all the time; someone with grit:
Any coach worthy of the honor of helping a young person achieve their goals:
Will leverage all of those strengths and build skill from the ground up.
Usually, a coach or teacher of any kind has a much harder time taking ingrained skills which are incorrect and replacing them with new correct ones.
Keep this in mind from now on:
Your brain doesn’t know what is the right thing to execute on: it only does what it has been trained to do. If you do the wrong thing 10 times in a row; then only the correct thing 10 times in succession: there is at that moment a 50/50 chance the 21st execution will be correct or incorrect.
The thing is when you are focused intently on a given thing isolated in your mind and body; that is uniquely the way of building skill. But when you are in the midst of performing anything you simply let your mind and body do their respective thing: you are no longer focused intently; you just let your brain execute how it has been trained.
In the MLB draft a few years ago, a player from the University of San Francisco was drafted as a Pitcher. However, his entire life from childhood beginning, through three years of college he had never pitched. Yet, he was a huge, powerful, fast 3rd Base person, probably 6’7”.
You have to wonder: why and how did his coach have him switch?
Because he had never built in any incorrect pitching motions; he was fit as a fiddle; he could probably end up throwing 100mph once he was developed into a pitcher: the current speed expected for a fastball pitcher in the MLB.
You may or may not know who Johnny Cueto is: a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. Recently the Giants discovered he has a damaged elbow from pitching. He may require reconstruction surgery. For now they will simply work to rehabilitate him. The issue is if he is to undergo rehab there is still a strong chance he will still require surgery: because of the way he throws and how long he has been putting strain on his elbow.
I encourage you to GO FOR IT!
In the end it is always less about playing baseball but more about what you learn from the process, your journey: how you handle reaching for your goals and dreams even when faced with the greatest obstacles and resistance towards you.
All of that which resists and all which supports you in the balance helps to mold who you become.
Stay focused on anything you chose to do dig in and devote yourself to success and excellence have vision and tap into your inner strength.
Your parents and any connected family member; school and community friends and leaders, who have your back are your personal support system: get them on board and they will help you achieve your goals. They may not know how to do the thing you are striving to do but they know you: your strengths and weaknesses and how to help you find the strength to persevere even under the most challenging circumstances and conditions.
If you reach out to Baseball for All you may discover the strongest National network of girls and their families to tap into.
Coming up very soon is an International Women’s baseball tournament in Florida. I suggest you follow it for inspiration; watch it on you computer if not in television: is the USA team site; is the international organization which hosts the tournament.
There is nothing wrong playing softball if you like it; it can be a terrific experience too and lead to college scholarships if you are exceptional.
Yet, developing Baseball skills provides a unique background most girls and women in Softball have not been encouraged to do.
Softball coaches tend to go one way or the other: again, referring to the skills development process above:
Softball technique in general is entirely different than baseball technique: a softball-specific coach has to re-train the baseball player;
Yet, there are some softball coaches who value the baseball skills and leverage it without tampering with it; adding rather then subtracting from your skill set.
Keep  me posted as to what your chose to do and the opportunities you reach out for.
My initial response:
Otherwise go to

web site as they can help too.

Also MLB has a site

where you can find a local program.
Jim Nemerovski