Become an official 2018 member of the Women’s Senate Network

Team — the midterm elections are our chance to take back the Senate — and support for Democratic women is the key to whether or not we succeed.

And we have the perfect way to show your commitment to re-electing 11 Democratic women Senators — and adding two more reinforcements: Become an official 2018 member of the Women’s Senate Network.

But first, help us pick the official WSN membership card that shows your commitment to electing more women. Will you pick your favorite design and pre-order the winner to become an official 2018 member today?

Vote for the new Women’s Senate Network Membership card (and pre-order the winner!)

Half of the women in the Senate are up for re-election this year — and we can’t afford to lose a single female Democratic Senator.

So please, become a card-carrying member of the Women’s Senate Network and show the world you’re committed to helping Democratic women win BIG this November.

Team, we know you understand the stakes this year. So please, help us pick the official WSN membership card and become a member today >>

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DSCC’s Women’s Senate Network

A note on donations, team:

Senate Democrats are committed to standing up for women’s rights — including the ELEVEN Democratic Senate women facing re-election this year. Your gift to the Women’s Senate Network helps us re-elect every single one of our Senate women champions to ensure they can keep fighting for us.


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