Game of Thrones: Power in girls and women

The latest season of GOT on HBO began Sunday, July 16, 2017. I expect to read significant commentary about the girls who are mature as women; the women who lead: presence, clarify in vision; superior guidance and calculated strategies by each of the girls and women presented on the screen.

I suggest viewing the episode – except for a vial scene with a sequence of visuals of bodily functions. In general, I do not advise younger audiences watching the series because of the extreme violence and other inappropriate scenes or speech. Yet it is double-edged sword:

in many cases, girls and women face extreme challenges which they live to benefit, grow from.

For adults with tolerance, this episode can inspire a very positive view of girls and women in leadership positions, challenging the social norms accepted and embraced over time, which baseball has remained – but is gradually improving – a bastion of earlier times of divisiveness while intending on bringing people together to pastime with friends, family, a place for total strangers to simply be with one another – learning tolerance and appreciation for the unspoken shared experience; the unanticipated expression of hope and fulfillment.

By the end of GOT, it will be victory won by one of many kingdoms ruled or guided by girls or women.

Again: caution in exposing young people to Game of Thrones visuals and spoken word.