One More Abandonment For An Old Mill Town

On Sports and Life

As is the case with discussion about many of New England’s small cities, when locals talk of Pawtucket it is often in the past tense. From Lewiston to Lawrence, from Franklin to Fall River, the most vibrant days of the old mill towns lie in the last century. Most began as way stations along the fall line of the region’s rivers, provisioning early travelers who had to portage around the tumbling waters of the Androscoggin or the Merrimack, the Pemigewasett or the Quequechan. Pawtucket was no exception, having been built at the falls of the Blackstone River just north of where it becomes tidal before emptying into Narragansett Bay.

In time New Englanders learned how to harness the power of the rushing rivers, and an age of industrialization was born. Massive mills were built at water’s edge, and towns that had begun as little more than a couple of houses…

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