Archive: Australian Girls Play Girls From America In The First Intercontinental/International All-Girls (14U) Baseball Game In Known History – Burlingame, California, USA – October 2, 2005

Australian Girls play Girls from America in the first Intercontinental/International All-Girls (14U) Baseball Game in Known History

(Burlingame, CA,)— Filling the ranks of a modern day “League of Their Own,” the San Francisco Girl’s Baseball League California (SFGBL), in conjunction with the California Women’s Baseball League (CWBL) is hosting the first ever Intercontinentla/International game of Baseball with girl-only teams. On October 2nd, from 3pm – 5pm at Bay Side Park, 1125 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94011. With players coming from as far North as Elk Grove and Willits and as far East as Alamo, we have discovered the commitment and dedication of girls to play Baseball. There will be a 14 and over game played at Washington Park in Burlingame. This will be a double header at the High School field against the Cal Women’s Baseball All-Star team.

“SAMMI KANE KRAFT (Amanda Whurlitzer) will be making an appearance during the game. Of Paramount’s recent Summer released “Bad News Bears” (2005) fame (the remake of the popular 1976 hit that originally starred Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal) Sammi is offering her support and commitment to Girls Baseball, as she demonstrates no needed for a stunt double during her performance on the mound. Sammi began playing ball around the age of 4 in New York City. Coached by her father in Baseball, she led several teams to championships. Pitching is her specialty. She also excels in basketball and played on her hometown’s All-Star Girls Basketball Team.

The San Francisco Girl’s Baseball League is formed to bridge the gap between organizations that permit girls to play Baseball, and organizations dedicated to offering women access to continuing with Baseball, rather than moving into Softball.

“Once a girl who has been playing Baseball reaches the age of 9, and wants to continue, she usually finds herself as the only girl on her team – let alone her league,” says Jim Nemerovski, the founder of SFGBL. “Many girls, who want to continue playing Baseball meet tough competition from the boys, as the girls demonstrate equal commitment within their coed team to improve skills. Getting the chance to play certain positions enough is the only way to develop as a player rand as a person. Now, they can achieve, both, in their younger years, until they reach the age of 14. At that point, they have the option of playing Women’s Baseball within leagues, such as the CWBL, providing them with even greater opportunity as they compete for openings on Junior Varsity and Varsity Baseball teams.”

Within the San Francisco Bay Area, and other communities within Northern California, the San Francisco Giants Community Fund – Junior Giants program, as one example, provides a comprehensive training program, for, both, girls and boys, in a non-competitive, skill-development program. By contrast, the San Francisco Little League, and their affiliated leagues, within the regional District 3, offer a more competitive approach to Youth Baseball, while also offering Softball for girls only. This has lead to complacency in promoting coed Baseball among girls, let alone the formation of girls-only Baseball teams and leagues.

These games October 2nd, from 3pm – 5pm for the (13U) and 6- 9 for the (14 and over) are the first stop for the Australians on their way to Orlando, Florida, to challenge other 13 and Under (13U) Girls Baseball teams in Disney’s Wide World of Sports Showdown (, an exciting and diverse event with competition for traditional youth age divisions, including a 13U girls division for the first time, High School Age Wood Bat, Women’s, and Vintage divisions.

The SFGBL is the first Baseball league located in the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus entirely on girls under 14 years old. Events such this International – Intercontinental Baseball Game highlights the popularity among girls, around the globe, who are interested in and committed to playing Baseball. It helps in the common missions of the SFGBL and the CWBL in making the game of Baseball as accessible to girls and women as it is to boys and men.

For more information on opportunities for girls to play Baseball, within the greater San Francisco community, visit or call (415) 385-0643.

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