Dugout Doings: Katie Goldberg — Baseball Player, Burnat Award Winner

Were it not for the ponytail that emerges from the back of her baseball cap, you might never know. She steps to the plate in the first inning of a playoff game at the Jane Wilkins Bronco Field and effortlessly drives the ball on a line into center field for a single. Two runs score. Katie Goldberg, the lone girl in the Bronco League, has done it again.

The grace and beauty of Katie’s game (she plays shortstop, pitches and bats third for the Giants) is matched only by the unexceptional way teammates, coaches and fans react to her performance. This is not one of those dopey stories about the talented female athlete making her way in a male game. Katie’s teammates and competitors only wish they played the game — on the field and off — as well as she does. It’s also why Katie has been awarded the Kyle Burnat award that honors the 12-year-old ‘who most embodies the NYO experience…’

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