“If our school had a Softball team, I would play Softball…” – Regarding: Video: Interview with Paige Sultzbach: High school team skips championship rather than play a girl – PoliticsNation | msnbc.msn.com | Girls Play Baseball

The story of Paige Sultzbach is nested much like a Russian doll, as the days pass, as the story and reality of another girl disenfranchised from our National Pastime, fades into the darkness. We only wish the best for Paige, in any and all endeavors she chooses to take on in life, clearly, she will be successful in each and all she discovers and devotes herself too.

But the courtesies being made, to institutions, made by Paige and her two ardent supporters, as well as Al Sharpton; her Athletic Director; her coach: all indicate a retreat from their boxed in scenario:

Everyone wants this story to go away and the answer is SOFTBALL!!!

In the interview, with Al Sharpton, linked below:

Paige could not have been more clear: she would rather be playing Softball on an all-girls team but is fine with playing Baseball with the boys.

I guess it simply doesn’t matter that Paige is a lights-out Shortstop in BASEBALL; that she earned her spot during tryouts; has been a starter contributing to a 9-0 winning season…

This is a Podunk blog site that supports girls and women who prefer Baseball: it is our duty, here, to be as bold, direct and clear about what is important, what matters: without pulling any punches. Of course, we do not want to cause Paige and her family, her supporters, her team and community any discomfort and duress.

However, the dimensions of this true tale are becoming so distorted, the talking mouths so noncommittal to open dialogue that could lead to more opening for girls to play Baseball, not, simply, be herded into another acceptable sport, again.

I hope each of you discovered this terrific interview with Paige, her mom and Baseball coach, on your own would have been terrific, too (a friend who has become sensitized to this issue after I revealed it to him some time ago, texted me that Al Sharpton was on TV “NOW”, interviewing the three; I missed the actual interview; couldn’t find it on my own on the MSNBC web site; my friend, later forwarded to me the link, below:)

Video: Interview with Paige Sultzbach: High school team skips championship rather than play a girl – PoliticsNation | msnbc.msn.com | Girls Play Baseball.

Some time back, what seems to be an objective article about what it would take for a girl or woman to be considered a viable Major League Baseball candidate, published on CBS Sports’ MaxPreps:

Will a female ever play Major League baseball? – Wednesday, October 06, 2010 – By Dave Krider – MaxPreps News

…cultivated, with validation form Justine Siegal, set the stage, drew a line in the sand, for any girl or woman to be taken seriously in the Men’s game.

A girl will have had to have (had the opportunity) to pass through the gates of High School Baseball to arrive at that moment of achievement, as, both, Ghazaleh Sailors and Marti Sementelli are engaged in the dialog: “Do girls and women belong in Baseball?” each day, demonstrating that, indeed, they do.

Paige Sultzbach seems to have what it takes to play Baseball. I can only hope she will continue to work as hard as the boys on her team, setting an example for the girls and boys in her area, without having to endure any flack. While overly optimistic, when she does, Paige seems able to neutralize it, no different than a fast hopping ball she will seamlessly field, throwing the runner out at First.