Aussie Hearts Win 1st Place – Phoenix Cup 2010 – Hong Kong International Women’s Baseball Tournament – February 06-09, 2010 – Sai Tso Wan Baseball Field and Lion Rock Park Baseball Field – Hong Kong Baseball Association

Phoenix Cup 2010 – Hong Kong International Women’s Baseball Tournament – February 06-09, 2010 – Sai Tso Wan Baseball Field and Lion Rock Park Baseball Field


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Phoenix Cup 2010 Dual Squad – North America and China Long Zhu – Players and Info

About the North American Liberty Belles:

The North American Liberty Belles is a women’s baseball tournament team that includes players from the United States and Canada. Its players participate in various women’s baseball leagues and women’s baseball teams in North America, including other women’s baseball tournament teams. Some of its members also play in men’s baseball leagues and in men’s/coed baseball competitions. The varying levels of experience of the Belles include youth baseball and softball, high school baseball and softball, adult recreational and elite level baseball and softball, collegiate baseball, collegiate softball, professional softball, and women’s national team baseball. Some of the players also have coaching and instructing experience in baseball and softball, and some are women’s baseball organizers and promoters. The North American Liberty Belles originally was created for the 2009 Hong Kong Phoenix Cup Women’s International Baseball Tournament and continues to play as a tournament team in other competitions in addition to the annual Hong Kong Phoenix Cups. This year, we are glad to have the girls from the Shenzhen Lung Zhu High School join us in the tournament.


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About the China Long Zhu Players:

Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Pearl School Description:
Pearl School was established in 2006 to do a public junior high schools, located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen Tong Lang foot of the mountains and beautiful environment. Shenzhen, only one school of international standard baseball stadium. Baseball, softball is the features of the school project, only one school, the school set up a women’s softball team each year to participate in national competitions, and have achieved good results. School softball team in 2009 to participate in youth softball games, Guangdong Province, won the third place


Preliminary notes from Shawna Macurio, Principal, North American Liberty Belles:

There are 6 of us from the States and Canada going (5 of our core Belles players and a gal from the D.C. Thunder). We will combine with 6 gals from the Long Zhu school in Shenzhen, which is next to Hong Kong in mainland China. They play both fastpitch and baseball and have been training almost everyday for the past 2 years. We will have 2 of our coaches there (Rocky Ostrom and Philipe Yan), and Long Zhu will also have 2 coaches there.

I heard there will be 7 teams there counting us. There will be 2 from Korea this year…

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