Spring 2010 Baseball signups for girls are here and coming soon to your community and schools!

You may be a girl who will discover Hardball Baseball this Spring. Try it – you may become really excited about.

Many girls seem to make that discovery with Softball since there are so many girls playing the sport. But Softball isn’t the same sport as Baseball. (Here is a comparison between the two on Wikipedia Dot Org.)

Some girls start young playing Baseball and don’t want to switch to Softballsome Softball playing girls try Baseball and enjoy it. Even if they never give Softball a try: for some girls it just doesn’t interest them even looking at it from a distance. Even if they have good friends in school who enjoy Softball – they get together at other times to do other stuff.

Some girls who play Softball in the Spring try Baseball in the Fall (in San Francisco, there is no Fall Girls Softball in our local Little League – some of the more daring and skilled Softball girls try Baseball and enjoy it – seemingly more than some of the boys who have been playing Baseball as long as the girls have been playing Softball!)

Some of you have friends who do any number of activities: play the piano; discover dance; enjoy making things with art and craft supplies; MySpace and Facebook are very popular and are places on the Internet easy to access and to explore for hours (even though you are supposed to be a certain age to create your own pages… ;-))

But what is it going to take to get out of your chair, away from the computer, and move around?

Spring is coming up very soon. Baseball registration, at all levels, comes up in the next few weeks.

You can sign up at Little League; Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth; Protect our Nations’ Youth (PONY); if you are already skilled enough – from playing Baseball or Softball – you have the opportunity to try out for American Legion Baseball.

If you are fortunate enough and interested in playing in All-Girls Baseball there are a few opportunities to consider in the USA, Canada and Australia.

if you have a local Recreation & Park league – or one of the other community organizations such as Boys & Girls Club or Police Activities League (PAL); YMCA or JCC: you have every right and opportunity to sign up for BASEBALL:


(except your parents or legal guardian, of course… – and if they don’t believe it have them read this survey taken a couple of years ago that may help them with the idea that you are allowed to sign up for Baseball even if the league organizers and directors tell you and your parents otherwise…)

No matter what you are told by the leagues and community organizations: you don’t have to play Softball if prefer Baseball:

it is not only the law for all citizens and residents of the United States of America – it may just be the right activity for you to reach for great things in life!

if you have any questions about this please consider visiting the Women’s Sports Foundation web site to discover your rights and contact them direct for any support you may need.

(*Originally, “Public funding” would mean Federal funding. But most public organizations and facilities receive monies from that source, either indirect or directly through more local organizations – “follow the money,” as they say.)

Also, in Middle and High School, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE, you always have the option of trying out – but making the team is at the discretion of the coach and can be hard to verify if they were biased in their decision to allow you to make the cut. But, there are girls who not only try out but make the team and play in the regular season games, some of whom are the team’s best competitive performers. if you have any questions about this you can contact your state or local School Association representatives direct – here is a link to locate yours.)


Originally posted January 5, 2008


  1. What about the movie “A League Of Their Own” They helped americas pasttime when the “boys of summer” went off to war. I am a former major league baseball player and think its awesome that girls want to play baseball…. If they dream of playing, Let them suit up. You may be surprised at how they play… Good luck to all girls who play this year….

  2. My daughter started playing baseball when she was 5 through Little League (a great organization). She is now 13 and has played on 4 All Star teams and will be playing on a Pony League team this year. She is a pitcher and catcher and there were many games where she played both positions in the same game. She has been besieged by fastpitch softball teams who really want her to play, however, she just loves baseball. My point, other than to brag about my daughter, is to encourage other girls to follow their passion, no matter what it is. I can honestly say, that if you are good at what you do the acceptance comes pretty quickly. One of my favorite game stories is when my daughter’s team was struggling a little and her coach yelled to the players, “C’mon you guys, play like a girl!”

  3. I am a former D1 collegiate softball player, grew up playing softball in southern California where the competition is highest, and coached a 12U girls’ Fastpitch travel team (West Bay Nuggets) for two years. I miss the game, and specifically coaching, immensely and today found myself looking for the youth league in SF to become volunteer coaching at. I was SHOCKED and appalled to find that there IS NO GIRLS LEAGUE! Can you say “TITLE 9 infringement?” You mean to tell me that little girls have to overcome a fear of sports, potentially being awkward, possibly a fear of a ball, AND BOYS, just to learn how to play a game they may grow up to love? I was not good at all when I was little, but I kept at it, and by high school I became a player good enough to play on Nationally ranked teams. My point is, in order for girls or boys to find the things they love to do, they need to be provided the environment in which to do so. The response that “until there is the demand, we can’t provide the resources” is appalling to me as a female athlete. I have no doubt that if the league was created, girls all over SF would come out of the woodwork. And I would love to coach them.

  4. Hi Jenee,

    San Francisco has failed its girls – flat out! We had an ALL-GIRLS BASEBALL LEAGUE that the city in its Youth Baseball partnership, the San Francisco Youth Baseball League, in conjunction with organizations dedicated to supporting girls sports activities, pulled their effective support for the league even during the first year of its existence.

    If you review back a few blogs on this site you can discover more about it and how it was dismantled by the current leadership within the SFYBL.

    If you are more concerned and interested in supporting Softball than Baseball then I recommend you contact the SFYBL as they are working towards a replacement all-girls Softball division for 2009. I’m sure they would appreciate your experience and support.

    But with all due respect, this site is dedicated to the girl who prefers Baseball to Softball and your irritation on the lack of support for girls-only leagues may be challenged by the notion that as long as a girl can play a given sport, and is not excluded from playing even if with boys in a coed situation, there is little you can do to challenge under Title IX from what I understand.

    If you are convinced otherwise please share here again!

  5. My daughter plays baseball here in Asheville, NC, she is 8 and has been playing since 3 1/2. loves the game. doesn’t want to play softball. Youth leagues are coed and she loves playing with the boys, I should say she loves showing them up. Schools won’t allow girls to play baseball since softball is offered as a competitive sport. She is not happy about having to move to softball.

  6. I played on travel softball teams in San Jose CA growing up. When I got to high school there was only a baseball team. So that’s what I played! I made the team and played every game. After high school I found that baseball, not softball was the sport I loved. I have continued to play baseball ever since. For more information on women’s baseball and girls teams go to http://www.womenplayingbaseball.com there is more out there than you think. There is even a girls little league in SF and a women’s league as well. (we are always looking for players!)

  7. i started love watching baseball when my 3 yrs old daughter love to play that game, i always watch baseball games because i want to know the proper way on how to play baseball so that i can teach with my daughter.

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