Re-Post: Keeping Our Eye on the Ball

What are we asking for:

• Girls play Baseball – not Softball;

• Girls play Baseball with boys;

• Girls play competitively;

• Girls play Baseball with girls;

• Girls play in a nurturing environment.

Confusing? Not really…

Girls and women shouldn’t have to limit their choices based on their gender. Period.
No one is asking – we’re all telling you matter-of-factly what the different goals are:
different ones for different girls and their supporters;
at different times, one is more strategic than another.
When a group of girls get together and…:

• only one girl – or the coach – can pitch: should they pitch the whole game? if so, how should they preserve their arm to last: they can’t throw heat the whole time…? Or, do the girls try and pitch during the game even if it means inconsistency?

• one or more girls are used to playing competitive Baseball and are far more developed than the others new to Baseball: how can they best contribute to the game?

• in your community, the girls finally got access to a field to play Softball: how do you now go about getting the same community to wrap their minds around the idea that they should still let the girls play Baseball with the boys or give up their limited field space to girls who also want to play Baseball?


Originally posted September 27, 2006

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