Silver Medal to Puerto Rico in the women’s Baseball Panamerican Tournament held in Venezuela

Silver Medal to Puerto Rico in the women’s Baseball Panamerican Tournament held in Venezuela

22 November 2009. The Puerto Rico feminine national selection of baseball conquered on last Friday, 20 November 2009 baseball women’s tournament Pan-American silver medal. The final game gold medal was concluded between Puerto Rico and Venezuela in the city of Valencia in Venezuela. The Venezuelan team had to go to extra innings to beat the boricuas and won the victory 8 to 7 on 9 innings.

Puerto Rico dominated 7-1 early in the game until the fourth inning, when Venezuela team begins a “rally” offensive product of a triple and scored five times to zoom in on the scoreboard. Then achieved score a run in the sixth inning to tie the Whiteboard 7-7. Thereafter the party will extra innings and repeatedly both teams were able to score, but it wasn’t until the ninth inning that Venezuela scored on a wild pitch and wins the game and the tournament gold medal.

Puerto Rico ends its participation in the tournament with 5-1, First Game victory over Venezuela 6-3, Second Game victory over Cuba 7-5, Thrid Game victory over Dominican Republic 10-0, Fourth game defeated Cuba 3-1 and in the fifth game a victory over Dominican Republic 20-0. Puerto Rico got a ticket in hand for the next World Cup Tournament and the silver medal. This is the first international participation for the Puertorican team.

Puerto Rico had several players in the tournament All Star Team Lisandra Berrios 3B, Yariam Rivera C, Krystle Valliere SS, Krizia Rivera P and Danna Cruz OF.

On the individual leaders department also Lisandra Berrios was the leader in hits, Krystle Valliere was the leader in runs scored, Yinoska Claudio leader in RBI and Katiria Davila leader in ERA.

Alex Santiago

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