Girl, get into the Baseball Game!

Girls Play Baseball – Your own Web Site
This site can inspire the girl who prefers Baseball. Her family, friends and community can find information to connect with her, to help her reach her goals.

Where to Play – With Boys, Girls…
Coed Youth Baseball – Find a local team and play: with other girls and boys.
All-Girl Baseball – Some communities have teams and leagues just for girls. Most are in countries outside of the USA. There are a few existing opportunities to play Baseball with other girls. If you are asking yourself, “Why, if Baseball is the American National Pastime, aren’t more opportunities for girls to play the game their brothers, friends and cousins play?”

What are you going to do about it?

…with Men and Women
When you reach the age of 14, many of the All-Women’s Baseball organizations can offer you a place to play with women. Otherwise, if you are 18+, there are a number of nationally based, Coed (or, mostly men’s) organizations that will support your choice to play Baseball. Women who have a background in Softball are encouraged to consider Baseball as a mature option, considering the continued or renewed desire to play competitively, rather than only recreationally, in local Coed or All-Woman Softball leagues.

How to Play – Better: Internet and Print Resources
Most web sites that share great information on how to play only show boys – but the way to play is the same, so: if you can get past the fact that girls are not usually seen in the pictures and videos, you can learn a great deal on the Internet that you can bring to your team practices. But, there is one book published and available through some online resellers just about and for girls learning fundamental BASEBALL skills.

Teach and train me, Coach!
Many coaches are available for hire on a one-to-one basis. Any local Baseball/Softball facility contracts the services of many coaches with whom you can schedule a session. All Youth Baseball training organizations, although they don’t specifically encourage girls – at least won’t discourage you – from participating. However, most sleep away programs have issues accommodating girls when most of the, or all other, players are boys.

A fun event for you and your girl (and boy) friends:

Get together with other girls and have a coaching session, maybe as a birthday party activity: there are many coaches who would be happy to make it happen for you. Many training facilities have party packages and space available for refreshments.

Girls Playing Baseball – in the News
We share links to many stories found in international, national and local newspapers posting their stories on the Internet.

It is the Law
Your right to play in any type of league in the United States is protected by the U.S. Constitution. There are other laws providing added protection to you in specific arenas, such as Title IX, which that preserves your opportunity to try out for your Middle School High School, or College (otherwise boys’ or men’s) Baseball team.

Your Commitment
Even with your rights are protected, nothing can replace your commitment to the team and your willingness to go the distance; working your hardest, without injuring yourself; performing your best, to make the cut: to get off of the bench, and into the game – and being committed to yourself.

Baseball can be as challenging, rewarding – and as fun – as any other sport girls thrive in!

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