Please pardon us while we clean up this web-blog site…

In the world, there is enough opportunity for girls and women to play Baseball, in addition to Softball, that this site can give you a glimpse – and the hope – that you will play. soon.

But, the technology we use to build this site isn’t as user-friendly, some times, for both, me, the manager, and you, as I had hoped.

This is actually the second version of this site, the first one was abruptly closed down by the company that hosted it. Some of the areas of interest have still not been reintroduced, here, in this version of the site…

The International Female Baseball world is in transition. But, with the up-coming Pan-American games in Venezuela, in November 2009, it is clear that maintaining an English-only web site is not going to cut it.

For example, Alex Santiago, the most active member of the Puerto Rico Women’s Baseball entity, posts with commitment and clear passion to Facebook whenever there is something to share about the developments in his domain: almost daily!

When it became clear that Japan not only dominates the sport of Women’s Baseball – including a rather robust girls High School program – but funds well a year-long training program for an elite few: how are we going to cover that effort on this site if the current information is only in Japanese – but we cannot truly build a Japanese web-based effort without the cooperation and input, here, from those who are involved, day-to-day.

An annual event, which takes place in Hong Kong, now, each year, the Phoenix Cup (hosted by the Hong Kong Baseball Association) requires both English and Chinese coverage – or cooperation from the tournament sponsors and organizers to get the word out to the world, through this channel.

Australia and Canada’s respective National programs offer two distinct perspectives on how, in an English-speaking country one could roll out an effective structure to grow Baseball for girls and women, from the grassroots in the United States of America.

These are few examples to inspire with the awareness and stories of Female Baseball in all parts of the world for the majority English-speaking or reading world.

The major clean-up going on right now is in breaking down the International and the Domestic USA opportunities into clear categories, so we can build this resource center, creating opportunity and provide highlights that are so vibrant and tell the story of girls and women, across the planet, who are playing Baseball.

But, the most important goal is to make it even easier for you to find what you are looking for – and discover what you may not have considered even existed!

So, please be patient with us as we bridge the gap, extending our collective awareness of what is out there now – what has happened in recent history – and more about what is to come.

Thank you.

Jim Nemerovski