Just, maybe, the greatest lemonade story of all time – Youngen comes home to Ragersville, presents gifts By Beverly Keller, Local Edition Editor – thebudgetnewspaper.com

Youngen comes home to Ragersville, presents gifts By Beverly Keller, Local Edition Editor – Octoer24, 2009 – thebudgetnewspaper.com

History came home to Ragersville last week. A baseball bearing the signature of Babe Ruth and Ragersville great and women’s baseball patriarch Alta Weiss, came back to Ragersville last week thanks to the generosity of Lois Youngen who was the owner of the ball since she was a young girl. In fact, it was a gift that Weiss bestowed upon Youngen after sharing lemonade and cookies with her many years ago. “She asked me if I would like a baseball that was signed by Babe Ruth and I was not going to refuse that,” Youngen explained to a crowd of more than 100 that gathered in the Great Hall of the Ragersville Zion United Church of Christ last Thursday night as a part of the Ragersville Historical Society’s annual banquet…

You Cant Play Ball In A Skirt: The Alta Weiss Storyragersville.org

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